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Al Rehab
For Carton Corners, Import and Export

Execution speed

Accuracy in performance

About the company

We are Al Rehab Company for the manufacture of carton corners, import and export. One of the leading companies in the manufacture of carton corners of various sizes according to the desire of customers. This comes from our constant endeavor to develop our products in line with the requirements of our customers by relying on human elements and specialized and distinguished cadres in the field of manufacturing carton corners, wrapping paper and slot tape rollers, as well as in using modern and advanced machines that can offer a distinguished product that reaches the aspirations of our customers. Rather, the company takes into account the need to maintain the appropriate price so that our customers' products do not bear more costs and have the opportunity to compete strongly within the Egyptian market and enjoy a great support in reaching the foreign market around the world

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(Due to the permanent maintenance of the company on local and international standards, the company has obtained ISO 9001-22000 certificates)

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