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Al Rehab
for carton corners, import and export

Our products

زوايا الكرتون

Cartoon corners

Al Rehab Company for the manufacture of carton corners works in the field of manufacturing carton corners of various shapes and sizes, in accordance with the requirements of our customers, and we have the ability to provide many shapes and sizes

ورق التغليف

Wrapping paper

The company manufactures fruit and food wrapping paper and many environmentally friendly paper and carton products as well as preserving human health

ورق السوليتيب

Adhesive sellotape rolls

The company imports adhesive tape and provides it at a competitive price and with international quality that allows the packaging process to proceed in a very regular and distinctive manner because of its great role in product packaging. We can also supply packaging companies, citrus stations, export companies, supply companies, hotels and tourist villages, at the commercial, industrial and local levels

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